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I have always had an interest and passion in Hi-Fi since being a small boy
Not just in listening to, but also in designing and building, although finding the time for the later is increasingly difficult!
Started buying and selling equipment on a more professional basis just over 10 years ago and have since
sold thousands of items and to just about every part of the world!
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All the items we sell have been extensively tested and any defects both physical or otherwise
will have been carefully pictured and noted in the description & photographs.
Hours of time are spent on this to ensure each item is 100% as stated
All items are 'second hand' unless clearly otherwise stated


Most Hi-Fi equipment purchased or taken in part exchange
Price offered depends on condition and functionality
Also obviously it will not be 'retail' price as time has to be taken to make ready for resale,
allowance for guarantee, selling fees, interest on outlay, small margin of profit etc...
But this in turn gives a fair price without the hassle or worry of selling directly yourself


To sell honestly evaluated and carefully tested equipment at a fair market price
Postage at or below actual cost while maintaining excellent service
Extensive recyling of packing materials and the use of recyled materials wherever possible
whilst still packing to the highest standard


All the prices shown are the price you actually pay with no VAT to add or other nasty suprises!
Postage prices given are for 'Mainland' United Kingdom, but will ship worldwide on request
For a full list of conditions and your rights, please follow the link below.

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